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No more Waste, Only Value Creation


Leachate - Composting Waste Management

"Leachate Composting Waste" addresses a critical environmental issue linked to tunnel compost production.

Liquid leachate, containing high concentrations of salts, NH4eN, and organic matter, is a primary source of pollution.


We aim to find sustainable solutions to mitigate these environmental concerns and promote responsible composting practices.

Turning Food Waste Into Profits

We tackle the challenge of growing waste generation by offering innovative solutions, including advanced recycling, biological waste conversion, and circular economy models.


Our goal is to help food processing businesses reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and unlock new revenue streams, ultimately turning waste into profits.

Food Waste Compost
Germinated Plant

Advanced Biomass
Utilization Services

We offer innovative solutions for efficiently harnessing non-food plant materials, unlocking their potential for sustainable energy, materials, and more.


With cutting-edge biorefinery technologies, bioenergy production, and sustainable agriculture practices,

we empower clients to optimize resources,

reduce waste, and contribute to a greener future.


Mixed Plastic Waste

Plastic recycling is hindered by high segregation costs for mixed plastic waste.

Our innovative technologies like refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and catalytic depolymerization offer potential solutions, they often rely on subsidies and face sustainability challenges.

An alternative approach involves shredding residual plastic waste into manageable sizes (40-50 mm) and repurposing it as fillers in construction materials.


Our strategy offers an economically viable, socially rewarding, and politically acceptable solution to India's plastic waste challenge, promoting waste reduction and resource optimization.

Separating Waste
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