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Green Buildings

Our Work

We specialize in sustainable waste analysis and recycling solutions, developing innovative technologies to convert waste into valuable resources without harming the environment. Our focus is on identifying separable components in waste streams for effective valorization. At our core, we view waste as a resource, not a failure.

Green Plants

Densification of Biomass

Densification of Biomass is an innovative

technology developed by us.

The technology aims to address the problem of waste processing by scientifically densifying biomass waste into various materials.

Whole Onion To Usable Material

We convert food waste like whole onion into usable material. Our goal is to help food processing businesses reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and unlock new revenue streams, ultimately turning waste into profits.

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Production of phenolic monomers

The focus is on a divergent catalytic technology that aims to extract value from biopolymers, including cellulose and lignin.

It enables the production of biobased vanillin. This technology is adaptable to different biomass sources, promoting sustainability and scalability.

Specialized Training for Waste Management Workers in Collaboration with PARC

The training program for waste management workers is crafted to empower laborers engaged in waste management by imparting essential skills and knowledge in the field.

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Algae Farm

Invest Smartly

Invest in an eco-friendly and sustainable future.

Discover the potential of waste turned into a valuable resource!

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