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White Plastic Granules

Transforming Mixed Plastic
To General Material

The Problem

India grapples with a growing plastic waste crisis, producing 18 million MT annually, a number set to soar to 55 million MT by 2040.


This issue is further compounded by urbanization, as plastic waste expands from cities to rural areas.

Traditional recycling methods face challenges due to costly segregation and subsequent high recycling costs,

making them less competitive than virgin plastic.

Reshaping Mixed Plastic Waste
To Useful Material

Efficient Segregation:


Harness the power of state-of-the-art automated segregation technologies to significantly reduce operational costs while concurrently enhancing the practicality of recycling a wide spectrum of plastic materials.


These advanced methods not only streamline the process but also enable efficient sorting and separation of different plastic types, ensuring that each plastic variant can be effectively recycled and repurposed.

This automation reduces labour costs and also improves the overall sustainability and eco-friendliness of plastic recycling efforts.

Separating Waste

Innovative Waste Utilization:


Our strategy pioneers cutting-edge technologies to breathe new life into residual plastic waste.

We're venturing into the realm of refuse-derived fuel (RDF), where discarded plastics are transformed into a sustainable energy source, replacing coal and reducing environmental impact.


Additionally, catalytic depolymerization takes center stage, converting plastic waste into polyfuel—an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel, marking a significant step toward cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions.


With these innovative approaches, we're not just managing waste; we're revolutionizing how we use and benefit from it, forging a greener future for all.

Planet Made of Plastic

Compact and Construct:


Our initiative redefines plastic waste management by shredding residual plastic into convenient 40-50 mm sizes, primed for reuse as construction material fillers.


This innovative approach breathes new life into discarded plastics, integrating them seamlessly into materials like boards, beads, blocks, and rods, promoting eco-conscious construction practices.

To further streamline this process, we employ state-of-the-art screw conveyor-cum-reactor technology for on-site transformation at landfills, reducing the need for extensive transportation and minimizing environmental impact.


We represent a sustainable and cost-effective solution, not only managing waste efficiently but also contributing to eco-friendly construction practices.

Blue Plastic Granules

Economically Viable Reuse:


We advocate a dual-purpose solution by promoting the socially and economically rewarding practice of repurposing residual plastic waste as a valuable filler in construction materials.

This innovative approach not only economically benefits stakeholders but also makes a significant social and environmental impact.

By integrating plastic waste into construction materials, we provide a politically acceptable and sustainable avenue for plastic waste management.


We encapsulate the essence of emphasizing on how it harmoniously aligns economic benefits with eco-conscious practices, making it a win-win solution.

Recycled Bottle Planter
White Plastic Granules

Revolutionizing Plastic
Waste Management

Join us in building an economically viable and eco-conscious future

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